My Pet Hooligan: 8888 Hooligans getting the spotlight in NFT and Web3 ecosystem

My Pet Hooligan is an exceptional NFT project created by AMGI studios, it consists of unique 3D characters that can participate in the Rabbit Hole.

My Pet Hooligan: 8888 Hooligans getting the spotlight in NFT and Web3 ecosystem

In a world of non-fungibles, almost every single project is selling out! The rush hush in the NFT space makes it delusional to go on with profitable ones. Since the boom in the NFT marketplace in 2021, the enthusiasts have to be really mindful of where and what they collect. It’s good to think of the factors and make certain choices beforehand! Also, you need to be in touch with the current on-goings like innovative projects, collections, and artists pushing the NFT space forward.

One thing that you can look up to is "the team"! Most of the newly launched collections have anonymous teams, making it challenging to hold on to the project. A fully committed team that has a track record of fulfilling roadmaps or delivering promising projects is worth the wait.

Going beyond the times of browsing OpenSea, we are here to share insights of an awe-inspiring NFT venture. To the one that has become the talk of the town- My Pet Hooligan, a compelling project by AMGI studios that is already enthralling the play-to-earn metaverse game community.

About My Pet Hooligan

Launched in December 2021, My Pet Hooligan (MPH) is an NFT collection of 8888 hooligans created by renowned AMGI Studios. These unique 3D leporid characters have complied with cool and diversified traits built in Unreal Engine 5.0 and based on the Ethereum blockchain, attracting collectors from all around the world.

Earlier, AMGI captivated entertainment, gaming, and interactive AR/VR industries with their eccentric evolution in animation. There is no wrong in saying that, AMGI is one of the most robust studios revamping the PRP NFT market, even after their projects fall short of their roadmap promises.

Giving access to several utilities, My Pet Hooligan ignites all the excitement among the collectors as these hooligans serve as playable characters in the ever-expanding Metaverse- The Rabbit Hole.

My Pet Hooligan: The story behind

Behind this NFT collection, an action-packed narrative is curated where hooligans were forced to farm $karrots (in-game currency) by living in cages built by the overlord Metazuckbot, CEO of Zuck Corp. Sounds like dead on target at Mark Zukerberg, isn’t it? A rebellion ensued, where all the 8888 hooligans managed to escape from captivity and split into seven factions to apprehend their true potential in a new world void of restrictions and laws.

From Hare Raisers to the Cypherbuns, all hooligans share the common motive to destroy the Zuck corporation. With this, the MPH metaverse game plugs into the concept, where the team plans to raise the green flag to the play-to-earn game called, “The Rabbit Hole”. Here, the players use hooligan NFTs as their avatars to participate. The alpha version is already in development and will be out as soon as Q1 2022.

Apart from gaming, My Pet Hooligan offers Defi functionalities with staking giving players a chance to stake their $karrots and earn passively. Following the roadmap, the team indicates a possible second collection as well.

About Rabbit Hole

Incorporating a play-to-earn game within its ecosystem, My Pet Hooligan is designed to be a PvP video game enabled through the desktop. As mentioned, built with Unreal Engine 5.0 (part of Epic Games) it will take place in their Metaverse.

The avatars (Hooligans) will riot, earn $karrots and fight against the Meta Zuck Bots to demolish the centralized Metaverse. The prime objective of the NFT game is to build a friendly multiplayer beta game, offering a big Hooligan bash!

$karrots are their ERC-20 in-game currency used to power ‘The Rabbit Hole’ throughout the game. Still, the makers are yet to announce the rewards and incentives of the game, the upcoming update might give details soon.

My Pet Hooligan NFT: Utility & Benefits

NFT as a playable character in the video game- you can live, kill, move around and fight off that cruel Meta Zuck Bot freeing your hooligan! The beta version of the game is queued to be launched in Q1 of 2022.

If we peek inside, technologies are built through which players can construct the content with their NFTs. It also gives them leverage to access FBX files of owned NFTs that allow players to animate content, enhancing the feature when it comes to the NFT utility.

Launching as, a “play-to-earn” game, players can collect the in-game currency $karrots and NFTs. In addition to that, one can consider earning $karrots keeping their collected NFTs at stake which opens up a huge space for the players.

We’ve also learned about the Genesis Drop, which portrays a Mint Pass for the future drop. Isn’t this amazing? A beneficial feature especially if you want to get into this NFT that will give indication and access to future NFT drops early on. Also, it will alert you about the up-to-the-mark development all around the life cycle of the project- giving a sense of assurance.

The exclusivity of the project surely brings excitement to the table. The makers offer token holders a raffle for many round trips (flight and hotel) to Hollywood, CA. Along with that, you can join the team of the project in their studio to witness the live production of animation altogether. Fascination with the project doesn’t end to this point, as holders can get a chance to play their Pet Hooligan on a motion capture stage. If this is the beginning, you can expect more and more out-of-the-box experiences from the team of Pet Hooligan!

Some limited in-store goodies and Merch are also available on the member-exclusive store.

Who’s behind the Buzzing of My Pet Hooligan?

Pushing the boundaries of Web3 gaming, the dedicated team of more than a dozen members of My Pet Hooligan is handling the operations including a prominent animation studio- AMGI studios focusing on building the game and animated content for interactive NFT experiences. Colin Brady, who has worked on world-renowned projects such as Toy Story 2, Game of Thrones and A Bug’s Life is leading as a creative head. Whereas, Tony Diioia Co-founder of AMGI studios led the charge in creating original content for many character-based entertainment companies.

Kevin Mack, leading the charge in developing games is the Unreal Engine director for AMGI studios. His team includes Carl Schembri, West Paglia, and Luke Paglia along with a team of solid developers having strong experience in contributing to several crypto and game projects.

If you are thinking of core focus, the team is all set to provide a new, eccentric and enjoyable experience that isn’t limited to gaming! Such an elite team in the NFT space surpasses the scope of any inhibitions regarding the project.

Besides, another aspect in which My Pet Hooligan stands strong is their community interaction as they have hosted numerous AMAs on Twitter and Discord groups, making it easier for holders to stay updated. They have already showcased behind the scene for game testing, and live multiplayer gameplay, which impressed the community with the team’s progress and quality of work.

My Pet Hooligan surely has exceeded the expectations of the NFT community. The on-lookers can bet on the strong team and communities built for this NFTs, also in terms of a floor price it got a stable spot above 1 ETH. Even though only 6% of total NFTs are listed, there is a chance of supply shock in the coming days. So, if you are interested pay attention to all the forthcoming roll-outs respectively.